Bestway Pool Cleaner Cleaners Cleaning Automatic Above Ground Pools Hose

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The Bestway Automatic Pool Cleaner is a patented design made specifically for above-ground pools with low flow filtration systems. It is compatible for use with most leading pool cleaners that has a minimum 86W power wattage and a 3,785 L/h (1,000 GAH) system flow rate.

The Automatic Pool Cleaner is easy to operate. Just turn on the pump and the cleaner will go on its merry way in collecting debris such as dirt, leaves and sand via its integrated pre-filter that prevents clogging up of the pump filter. A wide clip system on the bottom plate allows hassle-free access to the debris compartment for easy clearing. Plus, the adjustable pressure regulator enables the water flow rate to be regulated and controlled when using in tandem with high power pumps.

Recommended for soft wall pools between 4.57m (15’) and 4.87m (16’) in height, the Automatic Pool Cleaner operates with optimum manoeuvrability and comes with connectors and hoses with a total length of 6.1m (20’).

So, keep your above-ground sparkling clean with minimum fuss.


Patented design

Specifically for above ground pools with low flow filtration systems.

Minimum 86W and 3,785 L/h (1,000 GAH) system flow rate

Adjustable pressure regulator

Easy to operate

Integrated pre-filter collects debris such as dirt, leaves and sand to avoid clogging of pump filter

Wide clip system on bottom plate

Float and weight for optimum maneuverability

Recommended for soft wall pools from 4.57m / 15ft to 4.87m / 16ft

Includes hoses with total length of 6.1m / 20ft

Includes connectors compatible with most leading pool brands on the market


Power: AC220 - 240V

Hose length: 6.1m

Package Content

1 x Bestway Pool Cleaner

1 set x Hose

4 x Adaptor