Bestway Filter Cartridge 6X For Above Ground Swimming Pool 2500GPH Filter Pump

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It is always recommended that your pool water be regularly filtered to ensure safe water quality and remove harmful elements. And that is why you need our replacement Bestway Filter Cartridge for your pool, compatible with our Bestway Filter Pump. The filter cartridge is essential in maintaining a clean pool and you can easily use our replacement filter cartridge for hassle-free cleaning and conditioning of your pool water. Not least, it is highly efficient and effective with its superb-absorbent granular activated carbon filter. The antimicrobial filter also prevents harmful microbial growth, with broad-spectrum antibacterial effect. So keep your pool in continual tip-top condition with our pack of six replacement filter cartridges.


Easy to clean

Does not replace the use of regular chlorine maintenance

Antimicrobial filter paper controls growth of bacteria

Very strong antimicrobial effect on surface

Broad spectrum antibacterial effect


Size:14.2 cm x 25.4 cm

Package Content

6 x Bestway Filter Cartridge