Aquabuddy Pool Cover Roller Attachment Straps Kit 8PCS for Swimming Solar Pool

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If you have a pool at home, then a pool cover is essential as it keeps the water warm, prevents leaves and debris from dirtying the pool and reduces evaporation. A cover roller then helps you easily cover and uncover the pool as you need. But you also need to be able to attach the two securely together for them to work properly as they should. Perhaps you never had the attachment kit in the first place, or you just need a replacement. Whatever your situation, our AquaBuddy Pool Roller Strap Kit will keep you well-covered. The kit includes eight each of nylon straps, buckles and clips to secure your pool cover to the roller. The kit is easy to install – you stick the straps onto the roller, use buckles to secure clips on the straps, then simply clip-on the clips to the pool cover. The parts are crafted from durable nylon, PP and PE material that is both wear-resistant and UV-resistant to ensure longlasting use.


Universal attachment strap kit for pool cover rollers

For pool covers 10ft-24ft wide and 8mm-16mm thick

Easy clip-on attachment to pool cover

Wear and UV-resistant nylon, PP and PE material

Easy to install


Material: Nylon, POM

Colour: Black

Package Contents:

8 x Nylon straps

8 x Buckles

8 x Clips